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    The superpowers and limitations of our visual brain

    We will discuss the things we are good ànd less good at when it comes to visual information processing

    The three visualization lenses

    These three lenses give you a framework for looking at and assessing the quality of a visualization. That, in turn, will help you create effective, clear, and attractive visualizations yourself!

    Everything starts with a story

    There are infinite possibilities to visualize even just two numbers! It is therefore of importance to clarify the story first. We will look at how a story impacts the type of visual.

    Mental framework to reach your audience

    There is not one single route to the perfect data visualization. This framework by Alli Torban helps determine the different ways in which your audience may receive your visualization, and how you can adjust your design accordingly.


    About me

    Sara Maria Sprinkhuizen

    I am a physicist who fell in love with MRI scanners, which launched my path into academia and health care. After finalizing my PhD in MRI physics (Utrecht University, the Netherlands) I moved to Boston for a post-doc (Harvard Medical School, USA). Over the past years I have also actively pursued my personal interest in data visualizations, often amazed at all the knowledge on that topic that is not yet found within academia. With my health care, data analytics, and data visualization experience, I now provide human centered and tailor-made data support for health care organizations and scientists.

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