Tailor-made data visualization workshops for scientists. Learn how to visually communicate your research results in a clear, impactful way. No more Matlab/R/Excel defaults!
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Preparing a scientific paper for publication involves numerous rounds of text editing. And yet, when it comes to the figures that communicate the actual results, the only requirement is often "to upload the figures as a .TIFF or .EPS file". Little attention is paid to the impact that clear visual communication of research results can have. Data visualization is not a skill that is commonly taught to scientists.

Below you see a typical example of how not to visualize data. It is a figure from one of my papers, created while I was still working within the scientific bubble, not knowing what to do and what not to do when it comes to data visualization.

I am very happy to now be teaching scientists the skills with which they can avoid these types of charts. My workshops are tailor-made, designed around the charts and figures of the participants themselves. Feel free to contact me to discuss options.



I also create tailor-made data visualizations for scientists. To be published in scientific manuscripts, or used in conference presentations, or printed on posters. When needed, I can also assist 'upstream', at the analysis level, helping with distilling the message and providing a fresh look at the data set. Contact me to learn more.

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