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  • Helping health care organizations turn their data into value

    End-to-end data support

    From data strategies and analysis, to communication through effective visualizations


    Human centered

    Focussed on the humans who are (and are not) represented and served by the data

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    Helping scientists communicate their research


    Creating tailor-made data visualizations for scientific communication


    Sharing skills

    Scientific data visualization workshops on how to clearly convey research results


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  • Sara Maria Sprinkhuizen

    background, interests, current work

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    Health care, from proton to system level


    I am a physicist who fell in love with MRI scanners, which launched my path into health care. After finalizing my PhD in MRI physics (Utrecht University, the Netherlands) I moved to Boston for a post-doc (Harvard Medical School, USA).


    I then explored the medical field from a system-level perspective and joined ICHOM (Boston, USA). At ICHOM, I guided working groups in defining health outcomes of most importance for patients: a key component in delivering Value Based Health Care.



    Eye-opening data visualizations


    Along the way, I took a deep dive into the fascinating field of data visualization. Which led to fantastic collaborations with De Correspondent and the MIT Media Lab and to having my first interactive data visualization 'Biota Beats' presented in the Stedelijk Museum Breda for their 'True Beauty' exhibition.



    Current work


    I love to apply my data skills to help build bridges between people.

    With my health care, data analytics, and visualization experience, I provide human centered and tailor-made data support for health care organizations and scientists.


  • Who I've worked with

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  • the Data Vision Lab

    what's in this name?


    Analyzing, understanding

    My work focusses on data, without losing sight of the humans it aims to represent, inform, and help. Data are humans, too!


    Seeing, imagining

    High quality data-work needs a clear vision. And visions can massively benefit from great visualizations. I love to create both.


    Creating, learning

    With a background in academics, I have an affinity for learning environments like labs, that invite exploring, without really knowing what will be discovered, always unearthing new questions along the way.

  • Work with me

    my work involves consulting, data analytics, visualizations and teaching (<-- or any combination of these)



    I consult on data strategies for health care organizations, often within the Value Based Health Care (VBHC) framework.
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    data analytics & visualization

    data analytics & visualization

    Providing hands-on data support for (health care) organizations and scientists. Involving data strategy development, data extraction, cleaning, analysis and visualizations.
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    Tailor-made data visualization workshops for scientists. Learn how to visually communicate your research results in a clear, impactful way. No more Matlab/R/Excel defaults!
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  • Testimonials

    "Dr. Sara Sprinkhuizen is a gifted scientist and data analyst with whom I had the pleasure of working several years ago at Massachusetts General Hospital/Harvard Medical School. [...] She has a rare talent for making results understandable to a variety of stakeholders: scientific colleagues, technical people in a broad range of fields, business people, and the public."


    Jerry Ackerman - Associate professor of Radiology - Massachusetts General Hospital & Harvard Medical School

    “I had the pleasure of working with Sara at ICHOM and counted her among my closest collaborators. She combines true passion for improving health care with academic rigor and clean presentation. I only wish she didn’t live so far away, or we’d hire her in heartbeat.”


    Caleb Stowell - VP, Value Analytics at Providence Health, USA

    "The analysis of chemical data is very challenging, not in the least because the results always need to be shared with colleagues that are not necessarily familiar with complex statistical models. Sara knows very well how to present abstract physical data in an engaging way that immediately helps in telling your story to a broader audience. Her workshop was a true scientific eye-opener!"


    Jeroen Jansen - Associate professor at Institute for Molecules and Materials - Radboud University

    The data visualization workshop by Sara was a great introduction to the wonderful world of 'data vis' for our research group. Sara is an energetic and enthusiastic teacher and could really connect with the group. The workshop was interactive and full of inspirational examples. Highly recommended!


    Susanne Vijverberg - Assistant Professor at the Dept. of Respiratory Medicine - Amsterdam UMC

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